Born to be

Waiting for the sun
can you feel it
that spring has come
there`s a sense of hope in the air
the streets are being reborn
It`s a dawn of something new
a change is going to come

Running towards light, to the sea
Running, we are born to be free
Running heading towards our dreams
We are born to be alive

Running through the open fields
can you feel it
we are higher than the trees
up where the air is clean
the world is painted in colours
It`s ime to leave the old behind
and embrace the new

Coming out from the grave we were caught in
we belong to the light, we belong to the light
I can feel the ice melting
A new day
A new life

All I know

Time gives and take
and I wonder
what I´m doing here
what`s the purpose?
flames turns to dust
life`s a circus
I want to know the truth
what`s under the surface

Far beyond the milkyway
somewhere over the stars
are we gonna meet again
You and I?
All I know is that you`re by my side today
I`m gonna do my best
for all we know we may not have tomorrow
no time to waste
here and now, this moment is all we have
come on let`s seize the day
I`m gonna love, gonna love, gonna love you
all the way

Take me under your wings
I need to feel safe
I need to know you`re there
until the day I`ll die
still there`s a bittersweet
taste in my mouth
don`t want to leave you
this world behind

will I recognize your face
will it be the same?
will we lie in fields of gold
a story with a happy ending?

Come on we`re gonna make it together
hold on to this, make it last
come take my hand
I will never let you go
the stars are shining brighter than ever
life works in mysterious ways
I` ll love you until the end
that`s all I innaktiv

The wheel

I`m flying high over the rooftops
falling into the sea
I`m dancing all alone in the moonlight
a taste so bitter, a taste so sweet

so many thoughts running through my mind
I don`t know where to og from here
fighting against the time
I miss the time when we we`re young
I miss all the fun that we shared
everybody is changing but I`m still the same
I wanna run away
I miss all the good thimes we shared

It`s peculiar how snow melts into water
floating down to the river, floating down
all is moving, new generation is coming
but I`m still stuck in this dreamy world

seems everyone got a plan, got a direction
I`m still chasing the sun
I`m so tired of being so restless

the wheel is spinning too fast
is running too fast
I dont wanna die
time is running too fast, is running too fast
I don`t wanna die